Low Gillerthwaite News and Views

May 09

Paddle Drill at Ennerdale Scout Camp

Local school children practicing their safety and paddle drills before setting off to canoe from Ennerdale Scout Camp.

Taking their first dip.

Paddlling practice for Carol's latest charges, she hatched them in the incubator, they were supposed to be Aylesburys??

Hairy Caterpiller. looks like a herdwick cross?

A hairy caterpiller that looks like it has been crossed with a herdwick sheep? Anyone know what it is?

Staghorn Clubmoss ?

Staghorn Clubmoss? This was found on one of our 'Keswick Mountain Festival environmental walks.

New gate C2C path ennerdale

A footpath diversion / realignment, this the original course but has very quickly resulted in erosion due to poor signposting.

Erosion at new gate.

I hope this erosion will not cause the fence and gate post to collapse.

Old stile removed

This is the old line of the path along the lakeside where the stile has been removed, as you can see this level path has suffered very little erosion. At a time when the native fish arctic charr, brown trout and migratory sea trout and salmon are in serious decline. Shouldn't we be doing our utmost to prevent erosion problems damaging spawning beds in the valley.

Duck island

Carol's lido. more swimming and diving lessons.