Low Gillerthwaite News and Views

June 09

Hay / Wild Flower meadow Low Gillerthwaite

The meadow at Low Gillerthwaite is a County Wildlife Site. Cumbria Wildlife Trust have declared it a significant flower meadow and are keen to use it as a seed bank for other sites in the area. Richard has singlehandedly haytimed the meadow by hand with a brushcutter, hayrake and pitchfork for the past 3 years.

Concrete revetments collapse.

A meeting was held to explain the problems with the concrete revetments around the lake. It is a thought to remove the revetments as part of the rewilding project. this will surely cause erosion of the path and farm land around the lake. Surely lowering the lake by half a metre is the cheapest solution to stop the present erosion by the waves to the revetments. But this will not happen because of the proposed new power station for the West Coast, they will need the water. At this rate I can see that the water level will be raised again.


Ducks growing fast

Wasdale, a school group heads for Whinrigg

High above Wastwater time for rehydration (a drink ) and a rest.