Derwent Water Alisons pike
Windermere Pike 24lb 8oz. Winter lure fishing
James second carp on floating bread, Ellerbeck

Quote, "Hi Richard, Again thanks for the advice yesterday. The second fish was caught by Alison (her biggest pike so far by a mile!) but I had to hold it for the photo because she wouldnt go near it once it was in the boat!"

We use a wide range of fisheries throughout the Lake District and Southern Scotland. Many of the lakes, lochs and rivers contain quality coarse fish, as well as these 'wild' fisheries, there are lots of excellent managed fisheries.

With over 35 years experience of fishing these waters we can help you make the most of your visit to the area, we can offer you anything from a half day / evening session to a weeks multi water trip.

We use a number of waters which are ideal for beginneers and/or youngsters where the emphsis is on catching fish, rather than just fishing.

Most of the waters in the Lakes and Southern Scotland are renowned for their stocks of pike and perch, once there was fishing for perch in the Lake District on an indusrial scale for food. I can still remember tales from my father of people taking out rowing boats from Bowness on Windermere and Waterhead and catching hundreds of perch in an afternoon, with a garden cane and string, a cork, a bent pin and a tin of worms. (Well, he was a fisherman.)

Nowadays many of these waters contain a wide range of silver fish, roach and bream etc. which attract large numbers of match and pleasure anglers alike with catches of 20 to 30 lbs at a session are not unusual. This influx of 'bait' fish means that predatory fish (pike and perch) can grow to specimen size. Waters that have runs of migratory fish ( salmon and sea trout) are where the large hard fighting 'wild' pike are likely to be found. Esthwaite has a number of large pike but this is mainly due the large numbers of stocked rainbow and brown trout.

Many of the game fishing rivers in the region contain quality / specimen dace, grayling and chubb and some beats are available to fish in the winter months. I have had a number 5lb plus chubb whilst fly fishing at night for sea trout. I had one on the River Annan one night I believe was 7lb plus, it took a 2 inch silver stoat tube at 2am in the morning. I was convinced for the first 3 or 4 minutes that I had hooked a salmon, it was returned fit and well.

Whether you are a beginner or a competent angler we can build days, half days or an evening around your requirements. We charge £120 per day 4 person max. plus permits and rod licenses if required. Group rate £15 per person per half day 4 to 8 persons. This includes modern high quality fishing tackle.

James Mirror carp on floating bread. Ellerbeck  

Dewentwater pike Steve and Alison

River Eden Chubb An Ellerbeck bream.
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