For Sale canadian canoes and kayaks

carolclimb use Nova Craft Prospector 16' and Prospector SP3 15' 6'' canadian canoes. These are superb boats for lakes and rivers, stable for beginners but sensitive to more advanced techniques ideal for river trips. See Nova Craft spec. below or visit

We also have some handcrafted Redtail Paddles. Beaver tail, Otter tail in Ash and poplar also Laminated Basswood. All are resin tipped. For more info visit

As we continue our rolling renewal progamme we have a number of used boats for sale. Royalexlite, Royalex and SP3 Super linear polyethylene, Prices vary dependant on condition. They are generally in good condition and are all good sound boats.

You are welcome to come and have a test paddle locally.

We can also supply a range of new Nova Craft canoes

Nova Craft specifications


Originally designed by the Chestnut Canoe Co. in 1910, the Prospector has to be the greatest wilderness tripping canoe of all time. We have been faithful to the original design. The Prospector has good sharp entry lines for speed but the ends flare out quickly to float the bow over waves. The canoe is stable, but sensitive to leans for carving turns whether paddling tandem or solo. The moderate rocker in the keel line allows quick pivoting and sideslipping in rapids. There is no better canoe for lakes, rivers, whitewater rapids, and wilderness trips

Paddling on the crystal clear waters of Crummockwater Lake District.

Reinforced PVC vinyl gunwales with oversized rotomolded decks are standard with our Royalex and SP3 (Poly) Prospector models. Nylon laced ash seats, ash thwart, carrying handles and a balanced carrying yoke complete the package.


Our new SP3 canoe is a combination of the toughest Superlinear polyethylene available and an expanded foam core. The exterior Skin provides incredible impact and abrasion resistance while the foam core provides exceptional stiffness without adding as much weight as a single layer canoe. The foam core also has the added bonus of making the hull naturally buoyant and providing insulation from cold and noise. One tough package that’s now available in our classic Prospector shape at an affordable price. .................................


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