Wester Elchies, Spey Aug 05. photo James Frazer. Carol 14iber Pool o'the Brock, Spey Aug 05 Pool o'the Brock Wester Elchies Aug 05

Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout and Grayling

Many of the rivers of Southern Scotland and Cumbria still maintain good runs of Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout with good access for visitors. Private beats, Association and Town waters can provide surprisingly good deals for all pockets. Some of these rivers also produce excellent Brown Trout and Grayling.

There are a wide range of stillwaters set in stunning scenery. Small hill tarns with wild browns and arctic charr to the huge Keilder Water and Esthwaite Water stocked with browns and rainbows. Many of the 'Lakes' also carry runs of salmon and sea trout, also wild brownies / ferox into the teens of pounds. There are a number of excellent small / medium stocked fisheries with good access for visitors. Our own little gem is Cogra Moss which is just ten minutes away. Stocked on a fortnightly basis by Cockermouth A. A. it provides excellent sport for both beginner and expert alike.

A cracking fish for Carol on an Ally Shrimp

Carol spey casting Wester Elchies 08

Carol Spey casting Wester Elchies 08


Another silvertourist from Wester Elchies 08

Another grilse from Wester Elchies 08

A silver hen returned to the Spey Wester Elchies

Returned safety, note sea lice (see below)

 Sea lice give an indication of fresh run fish.

Sea lice show that fish are fresh from the sea, here you can see: tail, claspers and head these drop off in sequence the longer the fish are in fresh water.

The tree lined River Avon.

This is the River Avon (prononced Arn ) at Ballindalloch this tributary of the Spey is renowned for its sea-trout and summer salmon. We have had many hectic nights sea-trouting here catching into the teens of fish and finishing off with a couple of salmon apiece as daylight broke. The last 2 years we have fished it at the back end (August) catching a number off salmon and sea trout. I had my best 'wild' brownie from here at the end of a sea trout session as dawn broke. It was a cracking yellow finned beast of 5 and a half pounds.

Carol waiting for the magic tug!!!

Carol waiting for that magical tug, note she is fishing straight onto the reel. For people who have their senses honed for trout fishing, striking can be fatal!!! The tick tick tick of the reel as a salmon starts to take line can be enough to remind you not to strike.

Last fish of the week, another hen  returned.

A nice fresh grilse about 5lbs

James strikes silver with this beautiful 5lb grilse. Wester Elchies 09

A tense moment as it heads for the fast water

Within 15mins he is into another, easing it with side pressure as the fish heads for the fast water .

James with Sam Bremner proudly display a beautiful fresh hen salmon (10lbs approx ) She was returned unharmed to the river

Expertly netted by ghillie Sam Bremner they proudly show off another Wester Elchies 'bar of silver '. A medium size (L.W. treble) Willie Gunn accounted for most of these fish

A hard fighting seatrout, but safely returned.

Upstream nymphing River Greta
Carol brown trouting Wester Ross Scotland
Cogra Moss with Solway firth and Scotland in Distance

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