Easy Waterfall

Ghyll Scrambling

Ghyll is a lakeland word of Viking origin. A steep ravine; narrow mountain torrent.

Many of the Lake District's ghylls can be used as interesting scrambles on to the high tops, it can be a challenge to keep your feet dry.

But; for the true water baby the joy is getting WET, wading or swimming through deep pools and cascades, climbing up and through waterfalls. These are usually trips with hot drinks and warm dry clothes not far away. Water levels and weather condition will dictate just how wet we get. The challenge can be staying dry as long as possible. Traverses of rock slabs and tree roots above deep pools can give added impetus and exhilaration to your efforts.

Water Babies come in all sizes and shapes (see below) we will always try to tailor our adventures to meet your abilities and aspirations.

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